Photo Collage of SXSW V2V 2014 Workshop Hosts

Want to learn a new skill or dive deeper into a specific topic? V2V workshops are for you! Featuring in-depth and hands-on learning opportunities from industry experts, these workshops will help take you to the next level. See the full list of all programming here.

Customer-Centric Email Marketing
(Colin Nederkoorn,; Justine Jordan, Litmus; Ros Hodgekiss, Campaign Monitor)
In this workshop, a team of experienced email marketers will outline the what every company should be sending throughout the customer lifecycle, provide examples from clever startups and, ultimately, show you how email can be used to deliver much greater returns than a stock-standard monthly newsletter.

F*ck Funding: Where's The Revenue?
(Daryl Urbanski, Best Business Coach; Stephanie Burns, Chic CEO, Inc.)
Become profitable in 90 days or less. So many startup founders get so focused on raising capital, that they forget about revenue. In this hour and a half long workshop, Daryl Urbanski, best-selling author and digital marketing strategist for John Assaraf, Inc along with Stephanie Burns, Founder of Chic CEO, walk you through a 12 week plan to get your company to profitability.

From Vision to Business Model to Brand
(Justine Bloome, The Village Agency; Patrick van der Pijl, Business Models, Inc.)
Whether you have a new business idea to launch, or an existing business that needs to redefine its vision and brand for future growth, this workshop will provide hands-on tools to map your vision and your business model, get to know your customers more intimately and define your brand strategy to ensure those customers buy in to your vision.

Gamification Level 1 Workshop
(Gabe Zichermann, Dopamine)
Creating engagement with game design can be complex–but the rewards are unparalleled. Increased customer activity, retention and viral growth are all within reach. Take the guesswork out of your Gamification strategy and learn from the leading expert in this unprecedented, focused, introductory level 1 gamification workshop.

Lean Privacy Bootcamp for Entrepreneurs
(Natalie Fonseca, Privacy Identity Innovation)
Inspired by the popular Lean Startup methodology, "Lean Privacy" is a new user-centric, data-driven approach to improving data privacy management at startups. This workshop is designed to help entrepreneurs understand how to use privacy as an opportunity to build trust with their users and differentiate their products/services.

Meditate to Innovate!
(Lauren Fritsch, TCC Consulting Group)
In this 60 minute interactive session, consultant and entrepreneur Lauren Fritsch shares the latest research pinpointing the reasons meditation is good for you and for achieving your goals (just to satisfy your analytical brain, of course). Then you’ll have the opportunity to try out a handful of meditation techniques in real time, figure out what works for you, and apply your favorites to some of your biggest business challenges.

Programming for Non-Programmers
(Chris Castiglione, One Month)
If you're running a tech start-up, it's essential that you familiarize yourself with the fundamentals of web development. Ultimately, knowing how to "talk to the talk" will help you communicate better with developers. In this two hour long workshop, you'll look at questions like, "Front-end vs. Back-end?", "Is UX necessary for my project?, "What is this Javascript function thingy, and why am I passing it strange math equations to it?" and tackle some development principles to get you on the right path.

Supercharged Storytelling for Startups
(Martin Waxman, Thornley Fallis)
Startups need to become their own news hubs, trusted sources of information that surprise, delight and ultimately help their customers. They need to figure out their distribution channels - via social and traditional. This two hour long workshop is an entertaining, interactive and hands-on session that gives entrepreneurs the skills they need to kickstart their content marketing programs, engage their communities and strategically combine publishing and publicity designed to build awareness and their business.