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Photo of Lane Becker
Written by Hugh Forrest | July 21, 2015

Lane Becker Reminds SXSW V2V Attendees That “Nobody Knows Anything”

SXSW V2V brings together entrepreneurs of all stripes, all backgrounds and all experience levels. Lane Becker, one of the co-founders of Get Satisfaction, talked about his startup journey in this space during a humorous July 21 presentation titled “When Venture Funding Goes Wrong”. Having moved from Austin...

Photo of Dave McClure and Brady Forrest
Written by Jessica Cox | July 21, 2015

Dave McClure and Brady Forrest Keynote -- Calling All Unicorns: The Bazillion Dollar Club

Accelerator leaders Dave McClure (500 Startups) and Brady Forrest (Highway1) sat down with writer Leah Hunter for a special interview at SXSW V2V.

With their new docu-series premiering September 22, 2015 10/9c on Syfy, Dave and Brady and a lot of ground to cover. The conversation included the...