Keynote Photo By Paige Sunrise


The center of each day's programming, Keynote presentations are internally-curated talks that take the form of either a solo talk, an interview, or a conversation between two individuals. These presentations bring to the stage some of the industry's most inspired thinkers.

Slido Logo to power the Q+A portion of the keynotes at SXSW V2V. transforms live events by giving voice to your audience. is an intuitive web-based tool for live Q&A, polls and comments.


Reconnect at the end of the day's programming for a Closing presentation and view the entrepreneurial journey through a new lens. Closing sessions offer a chance to hear from the talent featured in the evening entertainment before the events start later that night.


At SXSW V2V, skilled panel moderators will guide 3 speakers through in-depth discussions (and sometimes heated debate) on topics that are specifically chosen to give entrepreneurs vital insight and information.

20/20 Vision

Exclusive to SXSW V2V, 20/20 Vision will feature intense 20-minute presentations from established business and entrepreneurial voices, as well as up-and-coming creative visionaries. Located in one room, and spanning the length of the conference, this shorter format will allow audiences to experience a wide range of differing viewpoints and ideas from the people who are shaping the future.


Our in-depth, instructional workshop program offers advanced-level technical information that revolves around a particular topic or skill. Workshops enable SXSW V2V registrants to gain even more expertise in their particular area of interest.


No matter where in the process your idea may be - conception, gathering talent, bootstrapping, stage one (or two) funding – the advice and counsel of those who have trod that path before is invaluable. SXSW V2V seeks to connect entrepreneurs with experienced mentors who can help them take their idea to the next level.

Photo by Paige Sunrise