Entry Categories and Guidelines

We are no longer accepting applications for V2Venture 2015. Finalists will be announced Monday June 15.


All SXSW V2Venture for 2015 applications must fall within one of the following categories.

Official Sponsor of Enterprise and Smart Data Technologies Category

  • Enterprise and Smart Data Technologies presented by OSSCube
  • The Enterprise and Smart Data Technologies category encompasses applications and technologies that facilitate comprehension and application of information. These startups seek to improve productivity and management of data, analytics, text, documents, and engagement for business and individual use.

    OSSCube is a global organization delivering integrated mission-critical solutions using open source technologies. They provide a broad range of services that encompass mobility, modernization, eCommerce, big data, and cloud.

  • Entertainment and Content Technologies
  • The Entertainment and Content Technologies category highlights applications and technologies for gaming, music, film, television, video, news and publishing, streaming and digital storytelling, as well as new and hybrid forms of entertainment. These are reinventing the ways in which we learn, relax and enjoy our time. This category also contains technologies that focus on other cultural sectors such as sports, travel, mapping, publishing and food as they pertain to entertainment.

    Official Sponsor of Health and Wearable Technologies Category
  • Health and Wearable Technologies presented by Xavier University Center for Innovation
  • The Health and Wearable Technologies category focuses on patient-centric health applications and technologies that connect patients, families, physicians, pharmacists, care providers (hospitals, clinics) and benefit providers to share timely, relevant health data and drive better outcomes at affordable and sustainable cost levels.

    Xavier CFI a leader in design innovation, fosters a culture of excellence one idea at a time. Through a variety of ways that best suit the needs of our guests.

    Official Sponsor of Social Technologies Category
  • Social Technologies presented by MOO
  • The Social Technologies category includes applications and technologies that enable personal connections. With this category we’re looking for new and interesting uses, cases, products and services, as well as messaging that push the boundaries of how we find, follow and share our lives with others. If your business or service has a social component but is primarily focused on Entertainment, Health or Wearable Technologies, then you should enter one of these other categories instead.

    MOO believes great design can work wonders for every business, which is why they make it simple for customers to create expertly crafted business stationery and promotional materials that start conversations and open doors.

  • Innovative World Technologies
  • Any creative and innovative technology that does not fit in another category is encouraged to apply here. We are currently seeing lots of innovation in the Internet of Things, payments and virtual currencies, data security and privacy, transportation such as autonomous vehicles, energy, space, robotics, and artificial intelligence, If your business / service / application applies to one of these fields (or something not on this list that is even more ground-breaking), then this is your category.

Eligibility Requirements

  • A company's product / service must have launched no earlier than July 22, 2014
  • A company's product / service must not be launched after October 22, 2015.
  • Companies will be allowed to submit only one product or service to the SXSW V2Venture.
  • Companies who submit more than one product or service will not be eligible to participate in the SXSW V2Venture.
  • Founders of the applying startup must retain some portion of ownership in the company to be eligible to participate.
  • Must not have raised over five million in funds from combined funding sources.
  • Product or service must fall within one of the SXSW V2Venture categories.
  • Companies cannot have presented in any of the following events: SXSW Accelerator, SXSW ECO Startup Showcase or LAUNCHedu pitch events.

NOTE: If you have entered SXSW Interactive Accelerator, SXSWedu's LAUNCHedu and SXSW Eco's Startup Showcase, but have not been been chosen to compete, you are still eligible to enter SXSW V2Venture.