Advisory Board and Coaches

SXSW V2Venture 2014 Advisory Board

The individuals listed below were instrumental to the success of the 2014 SXSW V2Venture event. Their hard work, diligence and support in bringing together the future of the technology industry to the SXSW V2Venture event are greatly appreciated.

Karen Allen | Karen Allen Consulting / Los Angeles, CA
Ethan Bagley | Constant Contact | Somerville, MA
Liz Bacelar | Decoded Fashion | Ardsley, NY
Josh Bob | Experian QAS | Brookline, MA
Colin Brumelle | Twitter, Inc. | San Francisco, CA
Richard Burns Nixon | SFFAMA INC | San Francisco, CA
Cameo Carlson | Borman Entertainment | Nashville, TN
David Cohn | Circa | Berkeley, CA
Jennifer Dulles | DStreet | Denver, CO
Robin Farmanfarmaian | Singularity University | Moffett Field, CA
Jason Feinberg | Epitaph Records and Anti- Records | Los Angeles, CA
Julie Germany | DCI Group, CampaignTech | Washington, DC
Owen Geronimo | SFFAMA INC | San Francisco, CA
Nathan Gross | Doximity and Rock Health | San Francisco, CA
Mike Gursha | Curemark | Rye, NY
Jamie Hall | MocoSpace | Boston, MA
Alicia Heazlitt | International Center for Long Term Care Innovation | Louisville, KY
Brett Horvath | BooksiLove | Seattle, WA
Bruce Houghton |, Skyline Music | Whitefeld, NH
Eric Kavanagh | The Bloor Group | Wimberley, TX
Barbara Kurshan | University of Pennsylvania | Philadelphia, PA
Jennifer Lee | Plympton | Lincoln, MA
Ofir Leitner | MobileMonday Tel Aviv | Tel Aviv, Israel
Mara Lewis | StoppedAt | San Francisco CA
Marissa Lowman | LearnLaunch | Boston, MA
Eric Mathews | Start Co. | Memphis, TN
Kallie Meisler | Startup Chicks | Brooklyn, NY
Tim Moore | Venture Glass, CrushIQ | Wilmington, NC
Peter Nilsson | The Educator's Notebook | Deerfield, MA
Melissa Pickering | iCreate to Educate | Austin, TX
Carlos Rodarte | Patientslikeme | Cambridge, MA
Dharmishta Rood | Code for America | San Francisco, CA
Jeff Slobotski | Silicon Prairie News | Omaha, NE
Reed Smith | Social Health Institute | San Antonio, TX
Mike Steely | Sparkible | Little Rock, AR
Todd Tate | | San Francisco, CA
Rick Turoczy | PIE, Silicon Florist | Portland, OR
Bryan Vartabedian | Social Health Institute | Woodlands, TX
Adil Wali | Hiiro | Burlingame, CA
Martina Welke | Zealyst | Seattle, WA
Billie Whitehouse | Wearable Experiments | New York, NY
Brian Zisk | SF MusicTech Summit | San Francisco, CA

SXSW V2Venture 2014 Qualifying Committee

The individuals below focused on the intake of all plans submitted for V2Venture 2014 and were charged with validating the applications as to their accuracy, completeness, veracity, and proper categorization. They reviewed the submitted information, identified potential problems areas, and looked for outstanding entrants.

Michael Crider (Facilitator) | Crider Company
Tony Averbeck |
Bart Bohn | Embrace
Carla Cook | The Daily Dot
Kyle Cox | ATI
Dean Cruse | DC Marketing
Laura J. Kilcrease | Triton Ventures
Chris Treadaway | Polygraph Media

SXSW V2Venture 2014 Coaches

SXSW V2Venture coaches worked closely with the finalists to assist them in preparation for their onstage presentations. With their vast experience, the coaches are an important part of the presentation process during the event. We will also have coaches on site during our rehearsal on Tuesday, July 15 to assist the finalist with last minute presentation preparations.

Brian Lang (Facilitator) | Health 2.0 and Seniors In Touch​
Karen Allen | Karen Allen Consulting
Lynn Banaszak | Disruptive Health Technology Institute, Carnegie Mellon University
Kara Bartone | Janssen Labs
Trey Bowles | Dallas Entrepreneurial Center
Zach Brandon | Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce
Dorit Donoviel | National Space Biomedical Research Institute
Gabriella Draney | Tech Wildcatters
Kim Evans | TechStreet Houston
Jeff Frey | MD Anderson​
Monique Maley | ArticulatePersuasion
Lesa Mitchell​ | Network for Scale
Roberto Moctezuma | Fractal River
Mitchell Mom | Rock Health
Hesam Panahi | Red Labs, University of Houston
Kerry Rupp | DreamIt Ventures
Birju Shah | Google
Jeff Sheldon | CitareTx Investment Partners
Chris Shonk | ATX Seed Ventures
Mike Steely | Arkansas Venture Center
Andy White | VegasTechFund
Hubert Zajicek | Health Wildcatters