Photo of Lane Becker
Written by Hugh Forrest | July 21, 2015

Lane Becker Reminds SXSW V2V Attendees That “Nobody Knows Anything”

SXSW V2V brings together entrepreneurs of all stripes, all backgrounds and all experience levels. Lane Becker, one of the co-founders of Get Satisfaction, talked about his startup journey in this space during a humorous July 21 presentation titled “When Venture Funding Goes Wrong”. Having moved from Austin...

Photo courtesy of the speaker
Written by Jessica Cox | July 20, 2015

Damien Patton Keynote: The Entrepreneurial Journey of a Serial Groundbreaker

In Damien Patton's Monday keynote at SXSW V2V we discovered how an untraditional journey often makes for a great entrepreneur. Varied experiences enabled Damien to bring a diverse perspective to the table and offer more value to his audience. Determination proved greater than expertise. This powerful takeaway is just one...

Photo courtesy of Bud Caddell
Written by Jessica Cox | May 15, 2015

Session Spotlight: How to Survive Exponential Growth

Bud Caddell is the founder of NOBL Collective, a network­based consultancy which supports organizations with a social purpose. Caddell is a strategic consultant, speaker, and author. In 2012, Business Insider named Bud the most creative person under 30. Adweek listed him in their top 50 industry professionals of 2012,...

Photo courtesy of Jason Sprenger
Written by Jessica Cox | May 13, 2015

Mentor Session Spotlight: Jason Sprenger

V2V Mentor Jason Sprenger is the President and Founder of Game Changer Communications. His agency offers full-service PR/communications services, with particular experience and strength in the tech and B2B arenas. He prides himself on being a well-rounded, strategic PR counselor, with strengths including: media relations; social media/digital...