Vincent Dignan


Vincent has a long history in content, social media, online marketing, and startups. After graduating university, he became a music journalist, reviewing albums, gigs, and festivals, often sharing intimate moments offstage with the likes of Marilyn Manson, Lindsay Lohan, and My Chemical Romance. He setup his company (Magnific) in 2012 and founded two content sites as part of Magnific: &

They have received over 17 million pageviews so far. Earlier this year he beat 1500+ other startups for Magnific to be accepted into prestigious accelerator Techstars London. His company has driven thousands of followers, conversations, and signups for other startups, and his team of 750+ writers has written content for the likes of Mercedes, Burberry, Levi's, and Smirnoff. He has given talks at conferences and events in the UK, Europe, and his making his V2V debut in 2015.

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