Tamara Thorpe

Photo Courtesy of Tamara Thorpe
The Millennials Mentor

Tamara Thorpe is a Life Guide, Leadership Expert and Organizational Development Consultant but what she is really passionate about is helping you.

She thrives when she helps others maximize their potential so that they excel both personally and professionally. She channels your confidence and self-awareness to help you become an effective leader. She focuses on developing your ability to reflect so that you become aware of your blind spots and are able to accelerate and sustain your growth trajectory.

Over the years she has had her fair share of hits and misses but has always managed to come out stronger and wiser. She treats these diverse experiences as a resource and now devotes all her time and energy to help realize the untapped potential of Millennials and the organizations they run or manage.

She believes that when people receive the guidance they need to make extraordinary choices they are able to lead exceptional lives and she is here to cultivate that authentic leadership in you.

Mentor Session: Tamara Thorpe

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