Sheena Allen

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Sheena Allen Apps

Sheena Allen is the founder/CEO of Sheena Allen Apps, a mobile application company with millions of downloads. Born and raised in a small town in Mississippi, Sheena went on to attend the University of Southern Mississippi. She double majored in Psychology and Film, plus a minor in Marketing. During her senior year, Sheena had a random idea for a finance app after leaving Wal-Mart. Having zero experience or knowledge about tech or apps, Sheena designed her first app using Microsoft Word. Needless to say, her first app received about 50 downloads the first few months, but she didn't allow that to stop her.

Since then, Sheena has build her company to have 6 apps (Dubblen, PicSlit, Orange Snap, InstaFunds, TwtBooth, Words on Pics) with more currently in the development phase. She has been featured on and just to name a few.

Looking beyond being a minority (African American, female) in the tech industry, Sheena moved to Austin, TX to get mentorship and to continue to build her company. With big name celebrities using her apps, Sheena is looking to make an even bigger impact as time continues.

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