Shane Green

Photo Courtesy of Shane Green
SGEi and ShaneGreen

Shane sees himself as a catalyst for the modern service economy. He inspires companies and people to move beyond the mundane, and out of status quo, so they want to exceed the expectations of their customers and associates. His service and leadership style was developed within The Ritz­Carlton Hotel Company, and has continued to evolve through his strategy and cultural work for some of the most recognized brands in the world.

As the founder of SGEi, Shane finds himself designing cultural blueprints, developing learning experiences and other socialization tools, and consulting on customer experiences for professional sports, automotive, retail and hospitality brands. His work has led him to write articles and books, deliver keynote speeches and host Travel Channel’s new show, Resort Rescue.

As a native New Zealander (or “Kiwi”), he believes his ability to offer clear and concise insight and direction comes from his humble beginnings.

20/20 Vision: Build Your Startup like a Cultural Architect

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