Randy Krum

Photo Courtesy of Randy Krum
InfoNewt LLC

Randy Krum is author of Cool Infographics: Effective Communication with Data Visualization and Design and founder of CoolInfographics.com. He is currently President of InfoNewt, an infographics design and visual consulting company. InfoNewt works with clients to develop visual communications and strategies to reach their target audiences. Many infographics and visualizations are designed for use in entrepreneurial pitches, startup business plans, presentations, online marketing, social media, and print assets.

Designer of data visualizations and infographics for internal uses or online viral sharing in social media. Working with companies to visualize many topics including marketing strategies, consumer experiences, qualitative and quantitative research, product differentiation, website statistics, budgets, timelines and internal processes.

Speaker to conferences and companies on topics about effective infographics, visual thinking, data visualization methods, design, infographics for SEO, internal visual communication and infographic release strategies.

Consultant with clients for successful marketing of infographics and social content online including building a landing page, social sharing links, self promotion methods of distribution, involving employees, reaching key influencers and tracking results.

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