Nick Grant

Photo Courtesy of Nick Grant
Killer Infographics

Nick Grant has spent the last decade working in multiple digital marketing and business development positions, generating millions in revenue via his efforts. Now, as co-founder and Chief Rainmaker of Killer Infographics, Grant has been able to merge his childhood love of data and art with his business development know-how. Looking at infographics through the eyes of a marketer, he understands the need to package a design for the masses. This has enabled him to help grow Killer Infographics into a company acclaimed by a diverse global clientele of over 250 companies, including the BBC, Dow Jones, Cognizant, DreamWorks, and National Geographic. Grant has a proven track record of building success for both Killer Infographics and its clients through visual communication, whether in the form of an infographic, motion graphic, interactive media, or other multimedia.

Mentor Session: Nick Grant

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