Michael Strong

Photo Courtesy of Michael Strong

Michael draws from over 14 years of experience writing press releases, social content, grant proposals, teaching curricula, ghost-written novels and crafting web copy. She began writing Master’s theses as a college freshman while she worked as Assistant Editor-in-Chief of the newspaper and the Editor-in-Chief of the literary journal. While lobbying for her university in DC, Michael was part of a team that earned multi-million dollar appropriations for a forensic science lab. As a Peace Corps volunteer, Michael worked full-time as an English teacher, teacher trainer and grant writer, and successfully founded the Morshynska Lyceum English Center as one of her grant projects.

Prior to joining SGEi as the VP of Marketing, Michael founded Social Chaperone and worked as the Creative Director and as a consultant. She worked on the public relations team for Senator Bennett in DC, as a social content manager for BlueGlass Interactive, as a federal appropriations liaison for her university, and has a client list that includes: Toyota, Mint, eBay, Betway USA, Overstock.com, the NFL, Cricket, T-Mobile, Total Attorneys, Walt Disney World and Edmunds.

Michael earned a Bachelor’s in Creative and Technical Writing with Honors from Utah Valley University, as well as a TEFL certification from the Peace Corps of Ukraine.

Mentor Session: Michael Strong

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