Lavanya Rastogi

Photo Courtesy of Lavanya Rastogi

Lavanya Rastogi is a serial entrepreneur and open source evangelist for product startups and enterprise markets. He is currently CEO of OSSCube, offering thought leadership on a global scale to his management team in areas of strategy and planning, new products, service development, and market acquisition initiatives. This role has earned him the 2014 “CEO of the Year” award from the World HRM congress. Prior to OSSCube, Lavanya served as a co-founder of Value One – one of the earliest open source product companies— where he helped the company successfully acquire market presence in over 24 countries; including Fortune 500 accounts. This work earned him the “Distinguished Young Entrepreneur Award” in 2009 by the AGBA (Academy for Global Business Advancement). A prolific speaker and author, he is often sought out by corporate boards and business schools for advice on global strategy and business models.

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