Geoff Wilson

Photo of Geoff Wilson, courtesy of the speaker
352 Inc.

Geoff Wilson is President and CEO of 352 Inc., the digital agency he started more than 15 years ago out of a dorm room at the University of Florida. 352 creates websites, software and marketing campaigns for clients ranging from startups and mid-size businesses to prominent brands like Microsoft and Wells Fargo.

352 currently has 75 full-time employees across its offices in Atlanta, Tampa and Gainesville, Florida. Because of 352’s success, Geoff was recognized as one of America’s Top 30 Young Entrepreneurs by INC Magazine in July, 2006.

Geoff and his wife, Kim Wilson, also manage a highly successful Web venture of their own, SocialNewsDesk. SocialNewsDesk is an online social media management platform for newsrooms, and is currently being used by more than half of the televisions stations in the United States to manage their Facebook and Twitter presence.

Geoff often teaches entrepreneurship and internet business strategy at the University of Florida.