We are excited to announce the first round of SXSW V2V 2015 speakers as we launch our new season. We will be adding many more speakers to the lineup as we get closer to the event, including proposals from the SXSW V2V PanelPicker.

First introduced for the SXSW Interactive Festival in 2007, the PanelPicker is a powerful tool that now offers the community a voice in daytime programming at all SXSW events. Enter your speaker, mentor, panel and workshop proposals for SXSW V2V 2015 now through Friday, December 12.

Photo By Jessica Cox


Vincent Dignan

Uday Gajendar Photo Courtesy of Uday Gajendar

Uday Gajendar

Stephanie Staidle Photo Coutesy of Stephanie Staidle

Stephanie Staidle

The Right Brain Entrepreneur
Sherwood Neiss Photo Courtesy of Sherwood Neiss

Sherwood Neiss

Crowdfunding Capital Advisors (CCA)
Mark Hatch Photo Courtesy of Mark Hatch

Mark Hatch

Maria Karaivanova Photo Courtesy of Maria Karaivanova

Maria Karaivanova

Photo of Julie Ewald, courtesy of the speaker

Julie Ewald

Impressa Solutions
Jessica Peltz Photo Courtesy of Jessica Peltz

Jessica Peltz

kbs+ Ventures
Jason Best Photo Courtesy of Jason Best

Jason Best

Crowdfund Capital Advisors, LLC
Photo of Janie Yu, courtesy of the speaker

Janie Yu

Fung Capital
Photo of Geoff Wilson, courtesy of the speaker

Geoff Wilson

352 Inc.
Male Speaker Place Holder

David Cohen

Male Speaker Place Holder

David Brown

Andrew Eisenberg Photo Courtesy of Andrew Eisenberg

Andrew Eisenberg

Lee & Hayes, PLLC
Photo of Ammon Curtis, courtesy of the speaker

Ammon Curtis


Alec Andronikov

Just Sing It