Startup Spotlight

Startup Spotlight Photo By Jessica Cox

The Startup Spotlight at SXSW V2V shines the light on emerging startups. To learn how to get your startup a slot at the Startup Spotlight, please contact Katie King.

Startup Spotlight 2013 Participants

ALICE Receptionist
ALICE Receptionist is poised to revolutionize visitor management for office and commercial buildings. ALICE enables businesses to present live customer service agents on any number of kiosks, and other digital signage devices, enabling two-way and one-way video interaction with customers and employees.

AroundWire is the world’s first social exchange. It is a social network, a marketplace, and a payment system that will change the world by making business more convenient and trustworthy.

Atlas Learning
Atlas Learning is an industry-leading startup in Austin that provides device-independent applications for education that are simple, aware and secure. Its LiveSlide™ application is the world's first interactive learning app to detect distraction and is designed to replace interactive whiteboards.

Badger Media
Founded in 2010, Badger Media Inc. is lovingly made in New York City, with a distinct New Orleans flavor. We are focused on developing interactive technology-based solutions that connect people in new and interesting ways. Our first product is Badger.

BeanGenius is a personalized coffee subscription service that empowers you to discover the best in specialty coffee from our ever-expanding network of specialty roasters. Our unique Taste Engine takes your feedback and makes smarter roast recommendations month after month.

Card Watchdog
Card Watchdog is an online software that takes the headache out of managing multiple credit cards. The simple, elegant interface solves the problem of keeping up with all of your cards’ annual fees, APR increases, minimum spend requirements, and unique benefits. Friendly reminders will help you stay on top of upcoming fees, deadlines, and increases.

Chic CEO
Chic CEO is a community of female entrepreneurs supported by a platform of smart and relevant how-to business information and tools. The site motivates women across the US and the globe to create businesses and to help those businesses thrive.

CrowdFlik is the first collaborative video tool that synchronizes multiple mobile video feeds and organizes them so that users can easily create and share their own custom edits from any event. It's easy to create and share fresh video. CrowdFlik gives everybody a shared video experience.

Cubby Road
Cubby Road is a free service that makes it easier and faster for parents searching for child care in the Las Vegas area. We also help child care providers gain more visibility online by offering comprehensive listings of their centers.

Lookcounter is an event social check-in connecting people at real world places they share in multiple social categories they care about like business, dating, personal promotion. Lookcounter provides for each event space its social trend analytics for each social category.

Fits & Starts
Fits & Starts is one writer, one designer and good ideas to spare. Check out our debut iPhone app, PicSlinger and keep sharp for Android PicSlinger, PicSlinger Jr. and corporate tie-in magic. Come visit us at for more information.

Say goodbye to mobile dependence. With pplconnect, you can now log-in to your smartphone from any device! Receive your text messages live on your laptop, update your contacts from your tablet, even make your calls real-time on your friend’s phone. pplconnect lets you stay connected from anywhere!
POP is the most ridiculously easy way to launch a professional online presence. In one minute flat, you'll be rocking the Internet with a custom webpage, email address and Google Apps – all on your very own .CO domain. Try it free at!

Signalfy is the web and mobile guide to electronic music events. Find events, meet DJ's, share with your friends, and get in VIP. Signalfy recently launched in Portland and Seattle, and will officially launch in Vegas this Fall.

You can do it all with one tool: content creation and curation, social sharing, community-building, collaboration and more. Meet Tracky, the social collaboration and publishing platform that powers collaborative visual websites for communities. It’s your community. Leverage it FTW.

Photo by Jessica Cox