Lounges and Breaks

Lounge Photo By Mike Kojoori


Take a quick break from sessions, charge your mobile devices, finish up a blog post, or schedule an important meeting at one of several themed SXSW V2V lounges. Hosted by influential cutting-edge companies, these spaces offer the perfect opportunity to connect with fellow attendees in a relaxed setting.

Korean Startup Showcase

Select top-tier Korean startups funded by the Korean Government (Small and Medium Business Administration) hosted the lounge. Ten trendsetters from Korea showcased their services. Attendees had the chance to take a look around, talk with the entrepreneurs, share your thoughts about Korea and the Asian market in general. Participating in the event offered a glimpse into the Korean startup ecosystem and how to mix your idea and business with Korean startups.

Coffee Breaks

Connect with peers, set meetings, and prepare for the day over a nice cup of hot coffee. Before sessions begin each day, attendees had the opportunity to get "warmed up" with a special SXSW V2V Coffee Break.

Networking Lunches

Food is the great leveler, and SXSW V2V won't let you go hungry. Box lunches were provided between afternoon programming sessions enabling you to continue that conversation you struck up with the person sitting next to you in that heated panel discussion.

Pop-up Happy Hours

There is a sweet spot between the end of the last session and the beginning the evening fun, the perfect time to catch up with other attendees to discuss the day's events and coordinate next steps over a nice glass of wine or a frosty cold beer. SXSW V2V Popup Happy Hours provide the perfect transition to evening events.

If your company is interested in hosting any of these special events in the future, contact Katie King

Photo by Mike Kojoori