A Special V2V Thanks to FounderDating

Written by Christine Auten | July 22, 2015
V2V 2015 Photo By Josh Hawkins

Sometimes you just "know." That is exactly what happened when V2V first met FounderDating. Our courtship has been swift and exciting, starting just a few weeks before team V2V got on a plane to bound for Las Vegas, but it has already been such a rewarding experience, with FounderDating members taking advantage of a special discount rate to attend V2V in Las Vegas this July. In return, we would like to invite our community to continue to foster the great connections they made at V2V through this vital entrepreneur network.

FounderDating is the people network for entrepreneurs. Don’t get too excited, it’s NOT romantic in the typical sense. But if you’re an entrepreneur neck deep in your current venture or just ready to work on a side-project, you know it’s vital to connect with the right people. FounderDating is the curated Linkedin for entrepreneurs - the place to connect with potential cofounders, advisors and entrepreneurs.

On FounderDating, you’ll find advisors that are experts in topics ranging from crowdfunding and growth hacking to software engineering and user experience design. The cofounder network has produced awesome matches with successful companies like refresh.io (sold to LinkedIn). And the community is there to help. Awesome discussions on topics ranging from “Should designers code,” to “What are the best CRM systems for startups.” So whether you’re looking for world-class advisors, cofounders for your next company, or just a supportive community of high caliber entrepreneurs, don’t hesitate to join. Your network is always your most valuable asset >> JOIN HERE.

Photo By Josh Hawkins
TeaserPhoto By Marco Valerio