Lane Becker Reminds SXSW V2V Attendees That “Nobody Knows Anything”

Written by Hugh Forrest | July 21, 2015

Photo of Lane Becker

SXSW V2V brings together entrepreneurs of all stripes, all backgrounds and all experience levels. Lane Becker, one of the co-founders of Get Satisfaction, talked about his startup journey in this space during a humorous July 21 presentation titled “When Venture Funding Goes Wrong”. Having moved from Austin to San Francisco in 2007, Becker launched a startup devoted to customer service, watched as his startup gained funding, watched as the funding grew and grew, watched as he got pushed out of the company, then (ultimately) watched as the company that he founded ground to a halt after a series of poor investor-level decisions.

Becker regaled the audience with various tales about how the VCs who funded his company never quite understood the service or the business model as well as he did. Given this experience, his advice to the startups attending his session was ultimately simple — don’t be afraid to take complete control of your career. But Becker’s presentation was entertaining because there was no sign of bitterness or rancor against the system that ultimately turned against him. During the last five minutes of his talk, he asked himself whether he had any regrets for following his dreams as a founder. “I would absolutely do it again,” he said without missing a beat.