Dave McClure and Brady Forrest Keynote -- Calling All Unicorns: The Bazillion Dollar Club

Written by Jessica Cox | July 21, 2015

Accelerator leaders Dave McClure (500 Startups) and Brady Forrest (Highway1) sat down with writer Leah Hunter for a special interview at SXSW V2V.

With their new docu-series premiering September 22, 2015 10/9c on Syfy, Dave and Brady and a lot of ground to cover. The conversation included the value of investing in emerging markets and recognizing social technologies for the connectivity they bring to the world.

Here are some quotes and takeaways captured by V2V attendees:

  • "Anything is possible"...."With tolerate partners!" @brady - Great adviceTeamwork makes the dream work! – @BjornSimmons

  • "The idea of making creation attainable" The thing that I respect most about the startup community @davemcclure @brady" – @BjornSimmons

  • "Need to stop pushing startups to Silicon Valley. Need to keep them in their local communities, where they can help more locally." – @bobfine

  • "In hardware, you have all the same issues as a digital startup, AND you have to make and ship your product. @brady" – @krening

  • "Always know your co-founders." - @brady Such simple advice, often forgotten. @meanica

  • "Another hurdle: Big Box retail. Cos can spend $ to get product placed... if sales associates can't move it, you're screwed. @brady" – @krening

  • "I know this advice seems basic, but 90% of people f*** that up, so it bears repeating. @davemcclure" – @TimMcDougall13

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