Top Ten Reasons To Attend SXSW V2V: Preview the Future

Written by Christine Auten | January 27, 2014

Next up for our series of the top ten reasons to attend SXSW V2V in 2014 is Number 7: Preview the Future. SXSW is known for looking into the future and shining a light on the next greatest thing -- whether it be the song that you won’t be able to get out of your head in 8 months, the film that will launch the career of the next Spike Jonze, the new concept that will rewrite the book on higher education, the new technology that will make the way we consume energy more efficient, the app that is going to change the way we order pizza, or the startup that will become the next… you get the picture. If it’s about the future, SXSW has got it covered.

Take all that and put it in Las Vegas, a great and shining city that sprang from the barren desert by the sheer force of imagination, will, and determination, and you have SXSW V2V. Okay, maybe that’s overreaching just a bit. But V2V does carry on the SXSW tradition of looking into the future, putting you face-to-face with thought leaders and advisers who can help make your visions of the future a reality.

Check out this video to see what you can be a part of, and register for SXSW V2V now to save 60% off the walkup rate.

Teaser Photo By Phillipp Batallia