The Hashtag Hustler is Back at V2V

Written by Jessica Cox | June 15, 2014

Photo of Advisory Board member Helene Kwong

The following post is part two of our blog post series contributed by select Advisory Board members. Hear their stories, read about their experiences as entrepreneurs and follow the sessions they're most excited to see at V2V. (Read Virginia Ingram's post on how to build your network without being tied to one location here.)
The post below was written by Helene Kwong.

You might have noticed the Hashtag Hustler utilizing the #sxswv2v hashtag last year. Well, she's back again for the second year, hustlin' along like before! My time at last year's conference was amazing with insightful sessions, mentors, and fun parties where I made many new friends. Initially, I didn't even know much of what SXSW V2V would entail when I got my pass last year. I had never attended SXSW in Austin, so I didn't know what to expect. Luckily, my experience went very well and allowed for me to also visit Austin earlier this year for my first SXSW!

The Welcome Dinner on the first night was delicious, with cuisine from all of The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. I enjoyed watching Tony Hsieh's keynote and getting some mentoring from superb professionals such as Krishna Gupta and Christa Avampato. Meeting and connecting with the different companies at the Startup Spotlight last year was also a fun experience: I even got to meet up with one of those startups (AroundWire) in Austin at SXSW. I received great direction in my career just by attending V2V last year with all the sessions, mentors, and networking. V2V got me back in the entrepreneurial game last year, allowing me to launch a new business in Denver.

I look forward to learning more at this year's V2V and also reuniting with many of the attendees from last year. We're like a tight-knit family on Twitter and it'll be great to just reconnect in-person again. Sessions I hope to attend include "Build and Unite an Audience for Social Change", "How Not to Get Deported", and "Meditate to Innovate". Also looking forward to meeting more startups at the Startup Spotlight and more delightful mentors.

Hope to meet you all next month!