Top Ten Reasons to Register for SXSWV2V

  1. Excellent Networking Like all SXSW events, V2V offers an unparalleled ability to advance your career via new connections to industry first-adopters, trend-setters and thought-leaders.
    1. Amazing Speakers 2014 offered an array of talented speakers, and we can't wait to share who will present next year!
    2. Top-Notch Content From Sunday,July 13 through Wednesday, July 16, immerse yourself in dozens of high-level panels and presentations.
    3. Individual Attention Our Mentor Sessions offer personalized one-on-one counseling from accomplished technology insiders.
    4. Startups that Sizzle The first-ever V2Venture pitch competition gives you a ringside seat the brightest new crop of entrepreneurial talent.
    5. Intimate Environment The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas provides a warm and inviting atmosphere for V2V, with all the sessions, lounges, meet-ups, restaurants and entertainment located under one roof. The opportunities to interact with fellow participants will be around every corner.
    6. Preview the Future Chance favors the prepared mind! Attend V2V to learn what kinds of technologies the rest of your peers will be talking about in two years.
    7. Exciting Ecosystem A physical community that is meticulously designed for maximum creativity? Learn first-hand what the Downtown Project is all about.
    8. The Hippest Hotel on the Strip Enjoy the lodging experience that has generated so much buzz. Booking a room at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is easy!
    9. Viva Las Vegas As if there is not enough to do within the formal SXSW V2V program, this city offers the world's best dining and entertainment options in virtually unlimited supplies.